Thursday, March 19, 2009


Oh, my winter bound spirit has been awakened by the beauty of this blue sky and 50 degree temperatures. Winslow Homer do you hear those chickadee's? Oh, look! the driveway is appearing.

The Soap Wart has decided to make an appearance. Here come the Day Lilies, they too are waking from winter slumber. The magic of spring is beginning, a long awaited and welcomed sight. Yippee!


Cedar ... said...

Good for you! I am watching here, but so far no green. Just the moss. I'm waiting for my crocus sprouts. Soon, I'm hoping!

A New England Life said...

Slowly but surely as the snow melts Spring is coming to life. I do enjoy hearing the birds in the morning though they have been fairly quiet this cold Friday.

April will change everything : )

Eve said...

I can't believe your day lilies are shooting up!!! We have no snow but the winter winds won't let go!
Howdy Winslow!