Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Good Tuesday evening. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter Holiday. My DH and I welcomed my parents, my mother in law, our two sons, one new girlfriend, and a special niece and her husband. These blue peeps just happened to show up on my counter top Sunday morning. This special mohair peep was knit by my niece, she has other lovely knitting projects on her blog called "missthesea." She also was born an islander and continued to live on the island until college. She and her new husband now reside in Portland. I love my little peep.
Since the men folk in my family are now grown adults, no longer in need of Easter baskets, I or shall I say the Easter Bunny brought chicken feeders filled with what else, jellybeans! Saturday my DH did a little more work on the chicken coop. Yes thats my honey, isn't he cute! Now get back to work!


Eve said...

Ha Ha!! Love the chami Bill!!! What cute peeps you got! Wow that coop looks a lot like how ours started out Julie! Must be you guys are doing a great job! I miss you and will try to get in a call today. We're SO VERY BUSY!!!

Cedar ... said...

It sounds like you and yours had a great day! I really like the little blue chicks and the mohair one. Your DH looks like a keeper, for sure.

DayPhoto said...

I'm going to borrow your idea for the jelly beans! What a great way to give a gift!


missthesea said...

Yay Auntie! So glad you liked the peep I made for you! They were fun to make. I had a great time at your house, and wish I could have stayed longer! I can't wait to meet YOUR little peeps soon :)