Thursday, April 2, 2009


On Monday I headed out to the Island to Survey with my Dad. Land survey that is. He is a registered surveyor for the State of Maine, since retired from the City of Portland, and now primarily surveys on Long Island. I have the good fortune to be his "Rod Person". ( as well as his daughter) He is very spry, witty, and when my "menopausal" brain fogs up, his is quick and precise. Mr. Jones at work, he sure looks good for a senior citizen. Don't tell him I said that.
A view from the job site. This is Casco Bay, it was a cold blustery day, I had to add more layers to my clothing, long underwear and an extra sweater!
, The home owner is a local Lobster man, his gear stored for the winter on his dock. Lobster traps will soon be revamped and ready to go overboard.
A summer cottage across the street, I won't mind spending lazy summer days here, would you?Oh yes, finally some signs of spring at Dogtrot Farm. Winslow's first tick of the season is removed. Yes, there is still snow on the ground. Ants, the ants are marching "one" by "one" along my floors. I have no clue where they are coming from. Skunks, need I say more, I better stock up on tomato juice! Winslow, you better stay away from those skunks! Till next time.


Cedar ... said...

yepper,... your father is a fine looking gentleman... said another "senior!" And that front porch on the blue house,... I could sit and read there for hours!

Eve said...

HI UNCLE LLOYDIE!!!!! Lookin good!!!!
Julie I think I stayed in that cottage one summer!! I remember dropping a penny through the floor into my moms home made pea soup pot!!! Hahahahahahaha! Eddie and I laughed and laughed!!!
Great post cousin. Tell cousin Winslow to put a cork in it!!!

Anonymous said...

what a fine picture of papa! it still looks pretty cold up there. i love looking at the photos of the water. see ya! auntie jo

DayPhoto said...

Skunks! They are such a problem! Not only do they stink...they also kill chickens. Ugh!