Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yes Winslow Homer the magic is happening, the earth is greening up in all her glory.


Cedar ... said...

Now that is a dog i could love! but I'm still fascinated by Emma Lou as she looks so much like my now passed loving cat Snickers. Our animals give us so much love!

DayPhoto said...

I love your puppy! And your kitty!

Animals are the best joy, they just plain love us, no strings attached.


Elenka said...

Hi! Live in Southern Maine,too. Married 34 years, so I got you beat there. I read your post on the kitchen counter top. We live in a 185+ year old house and like the 'farm style'. Remodeled our kitchen about 6 or 7 years ago and have granite countertops. Have a 'farm sink' (google it), off white distressed cabinets and an old pine floor. The granite doesn't look too fancy at all. I wasn't sure if I would've liked it, but I love it. We got a dark 'Baltic Brown' color. Got it from a place in Westbrook.
Of course you could put down what was here when we bought the house....linoleum stapled down with a metal lip nailed on. Nice.

dog trot farm said...

Thanks for your comment Elenka, we have pretty much decided on Granite, however, were told the color we have decided on will go on sale the end of April, so I'm patiently waiting.

A New England Life said...

Winslow Homer, you handsome devil you! Warmer temps are on the horizon so your grass should be green real soon. Hopefully this week will make a BIG difference!

I can't remember a Spring with the Daff's blooming and it still being so cold outside : /

Eve said...

Hi Cousin Winslow!! You be a good boy and leave those chickens alone!!!