Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am posting this update for Miss Eve over at Sunny Side Up. She is patiently waiting to be back on the world wide web, however, she now lives on a mountain top, need I say more. Eve is loving her new home State of Alabama. She has been busy inspecting her new perennial beds, shrubs, trees, and many birds located on her new property. Her neighbor (down the road a piece) owns a menagerie of animals and you guessed it "Guinea Foul." I feel certain Guinea adventures will be in our near future. Finally, dear brave Eve found and shall I say disposed of four scorpions, not one, but FOUR! The exterminator was called and promptly made a visit. Now some of the reasons I enjoy living in the State of Maine there is no worry of scorpions, poisonous snakes or spiders. Eve please listen to me get that fall out shelter built, you know what happened to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz!


Cedar ... said...

When I lived in Alabama briefly I encountered what was called a "banana spider" hanging from a tree branch. It seemed huge, I have no idea why I didn't scream! I'll be looking forward to reading her adventures.

Eve said...

I'M BACK JULIE!!!! Wow finally got the internet set up. Now we have to unload the big truck that got here yesterday. It's not over yet but soon.
Haven't seen any bugs since the bug man cometh! "digits crossed" as Jenny Wren would say!

Jenny said...

Hi there Julie, many thanks for the update on our Evie! She's been a busy bee I know! I do have all my digits crossed for your unloading Evie! (-: