Monday, July 13, 2009

Daisy Day's

It's a Daisy kind of day. The sky is blue, highs 82!


Jenny said...

Hi Julie, SUMMER!!!!! (-: I'm so happy you have a nice blue sky day. Enjoy! I bet the chooks are happy bunnies too! Well, happy chookies anyway! (-:

Eve said...

Why don't I pick my flowers Julie???? Oh because I don't have enough yet!!!!
These are beauties!

A New England Life said...

And you've got to love a day like that! With temps like these at least the electric bill will be low. LOL!


Leslie said...

Oh how nice, 82, a perfect day. The daisies are pretty.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

What a beautiful photo. I love the little picture the daisies are in!
And speaking of pretty pictures, when do we get to see one of your new hairstyle? Hmmmm????? :-)

the primitive country bug said...

Aren't you enjoying this fine summer weather we're finally getting here in Maine? I know I am!
Love the crock filled with daisy's!
They make me smile. :)
Hugs~ Birgit

dog trot farm said...

Jenny, the past few days have been just lovely here in Southern Maine. Eve, when I look at my lovely Daisy's I think of you. Dani, Both Eve and I dislike having our picture's taken, believe me my hair is gone! Birgit, the crock is from Salmon Falls Pottery, which I love! Leslie, I can't wait to see whats growing in your raised beds. Happy gardening to all!

Anonymous said...

Love those daisies! What variety are they?