Tuesday, July 21, 2009


One of the things my husband and I enjoy is driving along the back roads of Maine. We are famous for taking dirt road detours and sometimes never know where we might end up. Last weekend we were driving through the town of Edgecomb; enjoying the countryside scenery when off into a field I spied a telephone booth. Not just any telephone booth- an English telephone booth. I had my husband turn the car around so I could take a photo, Jenny Wren who resides in England needed to see this. The booth was empty of it's contents, standing lop sided, but remained British proud. We have no idea how it came to be, but it was a delightful discovery. It just goes to show; always take the back roads when you have the opportunity, you never know what you might discover!


Anonymous said...

What a hoot! I live over Edgecomb way and have yet to see that one, but we saw one today while in North Waterford, taking a photo of the famous sign for Dan's blog, Signs of Maine ( http://signsofmaine.blogspot.com )

According to Bill Bryson, the phone service is abandoning these old phone boxes, sadly.

Eve said...

I love it Julie and Jenny will too!!

How's the battle? Did the plants prevail? Peeps want to know!!!

Kritter Keeper said...

i loved the vermont back roads so i am sure the maine back roads are just as wonderful! funny people putting that in the middle of nowhere! sounds like a good old fashioned relaxing time! nothing better!

A New England Life said...

Did you know there's one in Portsmouth NH also? Odd thing but I just photographed it this morning! Like yours, there's no phone. Looks good though!