Friday, July 17, 2009


The morning began with fog and mist; but by noon, The Irish Eyes were smiling,
The Lily's were saluting the sun,
And Winslow Homer was just plain hot! But hey, he's not complaining!


A New England Life said...

Winslow Homer, you better get inside where it's cool!

Another foggy, gross kind of morning but it looks like we are in for nice summer weather all week long. The Irish eyes will be smilin' for sure ; )

Anonymous said...

More rain today, ugh, but tomorrow sounds good, so maybe you can make the Botanical Gardens then? They are fabulous, and so many things are going full bore right now.

Your gardens look great! Mine are a mess with all the rain, I am so far behind in everything!

The chicken coop is adorable!! So very cute. Ours needs to be re-stained if it ever dries out...


Eve said...

Beautiful everything Julie! Winslow...well, let's just say...he's a cheeky fellow! Hope youre having a great day!

Cedar said...

arrrgghhh,...will this rain ever end? It's here and headed your way again!