Monday, August 24, 2009


I am happy to report someone is being a busy bee around here this morning, certainly not me. This humid weather is starting to wear me down. It makes my body feel heavy and lethargic. Oops sorry, Winslow is after the fox- gotta go- so much for feeling lethargic. Till later!


Eve said...

Where's your bb gun!!????

A New England Life said...

Unfortunately I have to say I agree. I was trying not to complain but it's really getting old. Thank goodness for a/c!

WINSLOW HOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!

the primitive country bug said...

Pretty flowers and a happy bee!
I hope you got your doggy back.

Jenny said...

I feel fortunate not to get much humidity over here. I feel for you Julie, I'd wilt too! (-: Hope you got hold of WH in time!

Rural Rambler said...

Oh Julie I just want to hear that all is well at Dog Trot.

Your shot with busy bee is great! I think you know how I feel about humidity I have bit#*ed about it enough.