Friday, September 4, 2009


This is Walker's Point, summer home to 41 or rather George H.W.Bush and Mrs. Bush. First I must state that we Mainer's are a stoic breed and tend to mind our own business and don't impose ourselves on famous people. Or shall I say we don't impress easily. That being said, today DH and I were off on a day trip. We were driving on one of the scenic roads in Kennebunkport actually looking for the Franciscan Monk's Abbey, when we happened to end up by the Bush compound. We have driven by Walker's Point many times over the years and have admired the view, however, never bothered to stop. Till today.

I happened to notice a man sitting in a boat which read "secret service", we decided to play tourist and pulled over. We proceeded to see a scuba diver coming out of the water, obviously for security measures.

And behold 41 comes walking towards his boat.

Not far behind Mr. Bush was "Bar" probably sporting the white pearls that she is so famous for

I can hear her say "George wait for me"

President Bush was sporting a cane, as he recently underwent hip replacement surgery

The Fidelity IV was ready to "rock and roll" she is sporting three very large Mercury outboard motors.

Here is a closer look at the secret service boat

Everyone is aboard, life jackets on, and ready to go. We guessed the former first couple and friends were off for lunch at a local restaurant. Not untypical for the Bushes.

Hold on "Bar" They're off

The Secret Service was not far behind. Sometimes it's fun to play tourist! Oh, and we never did find the Abbey


Jenny wren's nest said...

U D poporotsee!!!

Eve said...

Yeah I think you'll be getting a call from someone!!! hahaha!
Hey I think you may have got a shot of a dolphin fin in one of your pictures! Check below and to the right of the two ducks in the third picture down!
Oh and that was a really cool post! I'm really surprised you were able to take the pictuers without being questioned!

Rural Rambler said...

Hmm, I can't help but find a smile creep across my face. I mean seriously how cool is it that you got pictures and saw them climbing aboard that awesome boat. And the pictures of them both are just so "them". Beautiful place there, Walker's Point. Fun pictures Julie! Eve I can't see the dolphin fin, dang!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I've been saying Jenny Wren's comment over and over and over in my head and couldn't, for the LIFE of me, figure out what she was saying...and then -BAM- I got it.
Pop-o-rot-see....ah ha ha ha!!
Yes, you are, indeed!

dog trot farm said...

Eve, I too could not find the fin you spotted. I do have a photo with a fin in it that I cropped. I will show you. I thought it might have been a shark fin. RR, we pulled over because I saw the SS Diver climb out onto the raft, obviously for security measures. Otherwise we ould have kept on going. Dani, don't feel bad it took my brain a couple of go arounds before I figured it out! Very funny, that gal has a sence of humor!

Eve said...

Ha Ha Ha!! Just so you all know, I knew just what that Jenny Wren was saying when she said it!!
And yes she is a real card!

Cedar ... said...

nice telephoto lens you have there, Ms Paparazzi! :) I've been by the compound in a boat but never saw the residents. Good job!