Monday, September 28, 2009


AstersBlanket flowerCone flowerCrow on wheatHappy PumpkinScary Pumpkin Silly pumpkin
White pumpkinSquirrels have found their way indoors Cinderella pumpkinAnd this is my favorite squirrel, she likes to keep watch out the livingroom window. What signs of fall are you discovering at your home?


Eve said...

Another great post! It looks like home to me! Morgan and I were just home from our visit at this time last year. What a great time we had!
We both miss you very much!

Jenny wren's nest said...

beautiful pictures.

A New England Life said...

Look at all your fall photos! I like the squirrels. Maybe I should find a few to decorate with.

Last week-end I started decorating with fall candles, popourri, an autumn wreath on the front door, mums, and more. Hopefully my husband will help me get out some other fall items I have in storage.

I love those Cone Flowers!

Cedar ... said...

I've never noticed a blanket flower before. Such stunning color. Great shot!

DayPhoto said...

Whenever I see Asters I think of my dear departed Momma! Thank you for the the reminder of her special flower.


Rural Rambler said...

I love this post! And I love the little stuffed girl squirrel in the window-sweet.

dog trot farm said...

My flower's are still blooming, I will miss all the color when the show is over.