Sunday, October 4, 2009


The changing fall foliage is in full swing. I would say in our part of the state (Southern Maine) a change of fifty percent has occurred. If the fall rains hold off the color could last another two or three weeks. There is nothing like fall in New England.

At the fair I discovered this lovely New Holland tractor. Just the perfect size for this country gal. It was equipped with all the bells and whistles. Automatic, air conditioning, stereo surround sound
what more could a gal ask for. Well maybe a reduction in price, this pretty lady was $27,000 plus. I guess I'll just have to put it on my wish list.

This is one regal gentlemen.You never know who's keeping an eye on you.I find draft horses to be such magnificent creatures. I do get nervous however, watching the horse pulls as I fear a horse might become injured. I must state that this has not happened in my presence.Getting all pretty for the show, clipped to perfection.Look at this face, I just love Brown Swiss dairy cows they just ooze sweetness. This miniature horse stood three feet tall, I would have loved to bring her home.And the llama. I just adore llamas. My dream would be to own and run a llama farm.
When first introduced to llamas I had an owner of a llama farm come inspect our property. I wanted to make sure it would meet the llama's needs. We did pass inspection and almost made the step. However, it just was not the right time. When you invest in llamas you need two or more and they are costly, but in my opinion worth every penny. Someday I hope to make my dream come true.

This week we are off to the Fryeburg Fair also known as the Blue Ribbon Classic. This fair is the largest agricultural fair held in the State of Maine. Some years the weather is warm and short sleeve shirts are fine, other years you adorn long underwear and layer up. Maine has a saying "if you don't like the weather wait a minute and it will change." I'll keep you posted.


Eve said...

They say the same thing about the weather down here Julie!!! Ha Ha Ha!!
I love this post, your pictures are perfect! I love the one of the man with the horses! Just great!
I think you are becoming a professional photographer!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

What beautiful fall colors! We're not that far along here yet. I love that cow face...what a personality!
And, hey, I spent the day on a llama farm today! There were 80 llamas living there!! Never have I been in the presence of so many animals that didn't want me to touch them! LOL

Jenny wren's nest said...

LOve your photography, I love pictures of animals,and nature thats what always brings me here.

Cedar ... said...

Love those draft horses!

Rural Rambler said...

Oh this post makes me smile, makes me happy! Those dappled grays are stunning. I have had more fun here and seen more with your two posts on the Cumberland Fair than we did at our State Fair!

Kritter Keeper said...

loved that post...wish i could be there. new england fairs are the best! beautiful photos!