Monday, December 14, 2009


It has been a little chilly around here lately, okay down right chilly, today being the first day I have not worn my long underwear in a week. The girls, needless to say have opted to remain inside their coop. Yesterday was the exception. The sun did shine, if only briefly and a few brave souls did decide to venture forth. These girls on the other hand were having none of it- preferring to remain cozy and warm in their nesting boxes. As winter has set in I have learned the coop needs to be maintained daily with special warm treats provided. The hens now endure long hours of confinement with one another, but so far so good. Egg production has not decreased and in fact the opposite.
Now Gladys on the other hand could not wait to get out of the coop, stretch her legs and let her feathers air out. This girl was on a mission! Georgia got stuck on some ice. This one legged stance has become quite familiar around here. Needless to say I scooped Georgia up and carried her to greener ground.
Charlotte was not about to let the wind do her in, determined to find something green, or close to green. Willa just can't seem to adjust to all this white stuff, let alone her cold feet.Finally, having arrived to the southerly side of the house where it was a bit warmer and in the lee. Determination has prevailed!
All too soon it was time to head back in, no frozen combs or frost bitten toes wanted around here. And as night fell so did the snow.
Just another of many winter days to come here at Dog Trot Farm. Oh, right it's officially not winter yet. Um, please don't tell my girls... They might decide to go on strike!!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh, that photo of Gladys is a HOOT!
Tell me it doesn't totally look like she's walking on a sandy beach heading straight for a foamy surf?!!!
Chicken on a beach! Can't say I've ever seen anything like that!
I guess the cold weather is completely going to my brain if I'm seeing chickens on beaches when you're really trying to show me one heading for the snow. :-)

Rural Rambler said...

Julie what a great feathery post tonight. That picture of Gladys airing it out, that is some picture takin' excellence. You had to have been down there at feathery butt level to have nailed that capture! She is airin' it out, hittin' the road, or blowing the stink off as my Mom would say! All the pictures are fun Julie and the narration is su-perb! Thank you for the big smile tonight! More, more, more feathery girl posts from Dog Trot Farms!

Spring Lake Farm said...

I love the names!

Eve said...

Oh I'd be on strike with them Julie...oh wait I AM on strike living here in Alabama where the temperature was 64 degrees yesterday!!! Now if only I had chickens!!!
Love the girls and you perfect photos!

Cedar ... said...

Love that last shot,... what a beautiful photo of your home! p.s....the girls make me smile!

Leslie said...

They are as cute as usual. I love their determination to eat a blade of grass even if it means trekking through ice and snow to find it. I enjoy all of your posts about the girls.

Jenny wren's nest said...

My girls won't go out in the snow, I can open the door and they just stand around inside with no interest in ventureing out.
you get the best pictures,keep up the good work.

CeeCee said...

So glad some of your girls ventured out. It makes all the difference in the world in their attitude toward each other. Lucky, lucky you that they are still laying. Mine have long since stopped.

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

I just love the photos of your chickens and the stories behind them. Mine are just as finicky about this awful white stuff!! At least you had some brave ones, mine just stayed inside and hollered at me to take it away so they could come out and play.

A New England Life said...

Julie your house looks so pretty in the snow! The night shot is beautiful too!

Looks like we're back in the deep freeze. Hope the girls can tough it out. Brrrr.... It also looks like you are back to wearing long underwear ; )

The ladies are a hoot!

DayPhoto said...

Beautiful photo of your house! Day and night.

You are braver than I ... I solarize my hen run and the girls never get out. Well, they do when there isn't any snow on the ground, otherwise they have to stay inside and keep thier toes warm.