Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The days just seem to fly by, I mean honestly, I am up before the rooster crows.... I find myself doing battle each morning with this handsome little critter....I call "Skippy."
Most mornings "Skippy" leaves the safety of his pine tree....
and plants himself firmly in the middle of my bird feeder....
He is relentless....and oh how he torments poor Winslow Homer....Secretly I thank Skippy....he helps keep Winslow on his toes. Speaking of my sweet boy, Winslow Homer celebrated his tenth birthday. Winslow and I have a weekly Monday afternoon date with Dr. Rust. She continues to test his blood sugar, and is still in the process of adapting his insulin intake. Winslow has gone from an extremely high "500" to "170". He is now on a Science Diet dog food regiimen for diabetic dogs. We are hoping this will aid in regulating Winslow's weight loss. Many thanks go out to many of you who have sent well wishes and also those of you who have diabetic pets who continue to do well.... a special thank you to JILL....you have given us hope. My younger hens, Fern and Phoebe have grown into such lovely ladies. They began laying about a month ago and produce the prettiest brown petite eggs I have ever seen.
The rest of my girls are doing well. Lulu Belle, my "rubber egg" layer continues to thrive regardless of her unusual offerings.Always inquisitive, my girls had to see what I was up to.
Finally the window boxes are filled.... fir boughs and red berries....a yellow star for a little bit of flair....I know Pip was secretly devising a plan to fly up and land in the middle of my creation. Do you recall she was the girl who liked to lay in my bathroom window box?
Now, when I did my last post on pantry cakes.... I was not very clear....I do apologize....my pantry cakes are not edible....but fragrant and add to one's primitive decor. This picture below.... well I call these "Figgy Puddings." Same idea as a pantry cake, but from a smaller mold.

Once hardened and dry I rub with cinnamon and ground cloves. I garnished with holly and red berries.

This afternoon I whipped up "Martha Stewart's" sugar cookie recipe and proceeded to cut them out with my turkey cookie cutters. Just as I was about to remove the last batch of cookies from the oven, my phone rang. It was my much loved sister in-law who is now ensconced down in the "Pan Handle" of Florida. While catching up, I decided to hit the "self cleaning" button on the oven.... got to have a clean oven for that turkey on Thursday morning. Only problem was I forgot to take the last batch of cookies out.... I guess I am no longer capable of multi-tasking.... I was fortunate I did not burn the house down....the smoke....I sure was happy my DH had not arrived home yet...wow.

I think I'm better off.... no safer.... rug hooking.

A few more rows....binding....and I'm done! Have a great evening everyone.... If you were wondering if a handsome rooster moved in to Dog Trot Farm....the answer is no....my girls enjoy life uncomplicated....If you get my drift....


Julia said...

Your hens are so pretty. It reminds me ofwhen I was young, I had a small red hen all to myself.
Your pantry cake and window box decorations are lovely.
Sorry that you accidently burnt your cookies, but at least your oven is clean. JB

Flat Creek Farm said...

Happy Birthday, dear Winslow Homer! Sounds like things are going much much better for him now. Your chickens are *gorgeous*, as is that delightful rug. You are so talented, and please know you aren't the only one who doesn't always multi-task well (raises hand!) - we've had many burnt offerings around here through the years! -Tammy

Eve said...

Well I'm glad it wasn't ME you were on the phone with when you nearly caught the house afair!!! (yes you read that right!) If I recall correctly, I was talking you YOU in person the last time I tried to catch my house afair!! hahahahaha! I love the hooked crow! The girls are beautiful and Daisy would climb that pole to get Skippy!!! Hope you have a great turkey...mine may be spoiling in the fridg....I'm afraid to look!

Farm Girl said...

Always so nice to get caught up with the goings on of Dog Trot Farm.
Happy 10th birthday to Winslow! So glad he is doing so much better.
You two new girls are just beautiful. I should have got two, my one sometimes gets singled out because she is different. Even though she is the only one I think she has learned to take care of herself.
I love the pantry cakes and your rug is as always just beautiful.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family, Many blessings to you and yours.

Rowan said...

Glad to hear that Winslow Homer is doing OK, a belated 'Happy Birthday' to him.
I love your window box, it looks so festive. The pantry cakes are beautiful, you'd think they are real to look at them. As for your hooked rug - it's just gorgeous, I love anything to do with crows. How long has it taken you? It's about 50 years since I did any rug hooking but this makes me want to have a go again. What I need is either 48 hour days or at least another 50 years of life to get in all the things I want to do and see!

Rural Rambler said...

Good Morning Julie! Oh! I just love it that you have a Skippy squirrel :) We saw the "Old Man" Monday on our walk thru the woods! Glad Winslow is doing better and a very Happy Birthday Winslow! The girls look beautiful and I know Pip will make good use of your beautiful holiday window box :)

A New England Life said...

Lot's of good stuff going on at Dog Trot Farm!
* Glad to WH is doing so well!
* I do remember Pip laying in the window box. She was so cute. I adore the greens and berries.
* Yummy chicken cookies!
* Someday I'm going to learn to hook! Great Crow design!

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

I'm happy to hear Winslow is doing well even though that squirrel is there to tease him. Happy birthday to him! The girls are so very pretty. The rug looks great! Good job!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Nicole :)

Kritter Keeper said...

ah, winslow is ten, that is wonderful! so glad to hear the blood count has diminished. little skippy is sooo cute! and of course all of your pretty hens. i do remember reading about the one that sat in the window box last year! so funny. your window boxes look great. i still have my flowers and they are doing well. pansies and snaps with a few little pumpkins. happy thanksgiving!

Razzberry Corner said...

Happy B-Day to Winslow Homer! He is a lucky doggie to have you as his human Mama!

I have 2 little 5 month old hens who have just started laying little eggs, too! Their names are Lilly and Cinnamon. Lilly is quite friendly now that she's laying - previously she was quite wild. I don't know why she changed when she started laying!

Your rug is beautiful! I'd love to make a rug like that! Does it take alot of time?

Happy Thanksgiving!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

So glad Winslow is doing well!! The hens are beautiful as is the crow rug. Have a wonderful weekend!

Verde Farm said...

Hi Julie, hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The window boxes are so pretty. The little star is perfect and adds that extra something. The hens are so pretty and lucky to have a life “uncomplicated” :) LOL. Happy Birthday Mr. Winslow-Homer. I am so glad you are doing better.
Hugs, Amy

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Goodness Julie...there's lots to comment on with this post :) First Happy Belated Birthday to Winslow Homer (got it backwards last time I think..sorry)! Looks like Skippy is a pro at getting what he wants from your bird feeder...the little stinker. Oh goodness...that's something I would do..leave the cookies in the oven while cleaning...yes I'm surprised I haven't done it already! I'm glad it all worked out though and your home was safe other than a bit smelly for a while. I love your hens...I love a variety. Mine have a beautiful Black Australorp rooster to protect him and I'd be surprised if we EVER find another as wonderful as our Romeo. The girls just love him and he's such a gentleman with them. I don't think that happens too often in the world of chickens. I love your hooked rug..it's gorgeous! One day I'll have to try my hand at something small just to test the waters. Good luck with your visit to the vets tomorrow...and have a wonderful week! Maura :)