Wednesday, May 13, 2009


What a beautiful day it is here in Southern Maine. Early this morning I strolled the yard making a mental list of all the yard work that needs to be accomplished. As I neared my moon garden, I heard a "tapping" sound. To my surprise a Chickadee flew out to greet me, as if to say have a great day. A pair of Jenny Wrens have taken up residence in the bird house hanging from my crab apple tree.

Blue birds have found their nesting box. I have three more Blue bird houses like this with two being occupied by Blue birds and one by a pair of Swallows.

Speaking of birds my little "chooks" greet me each morning with such a sweet sound of little "peeps"

Little Pip and Pearl the Ameraucanas are growing their tail feathers, Willa still is the only one as
of yet who has taken flight.

My sweet Dad made this sign for me and my girls. Notice the lighthouse in the corner, it represents my island roots.Winslow says its time to get going, morning is fleeting. Isn't he a good boy all buckled up in his seat belt. Hope you all have had a great day.

Till next time.


henbogle said...

Cute chicks! Aren't they fun? I'm curious to see what your Ameraucanas will look like, ours are turning out quite lovely.


Eve said...

What a perfect day Julie! Uncle Lloyd sure did a nice job on that sign! Hope you have another great day today...stay busy!

Your verication word was "rerster" as in "Do you think you have a rerster in that flock?"

Ha Ha!!!

missthesea said...

Pearl is a cute name! Did you choose it?
Yay for Willa! I can't wait to see her again. Papa did a great job with your hen house sign - I like it!

Cedar ... said...

ahhh..... the "peeps" will never be any cuter than they are right now!

DayPhoto said...

Your yard is very interesting. Please take us on a photo tour!?!?!:)


Jenny said...

I could hear the contentment in your words Julie. Those sorts of days are to be treasured! (-:

A New England Life said...

What a thoughtful dad you have! The sign is so cute!

I had hoped we would get some bird houses up but it appears that is not to be. Lucky you to have several new families in the making.

My next door neighbor has had a pair of House Wrens ever year in her bird house. This year is no exception. I love listening to their gurgling call. Such a wonderful little bird! Gotta love Spring!