Thursday, May 14, 2009


Henbogle. Henbogle is a fun and informative blog which I read daily. It offers topics on vegetable gardening, hoop houses, flowers, great recipes and this morning "chick" brooder additions. My little bantams are growing into rowdy juveniles and the need for more room was becoming inevitable, so today's blog from Henbogle came just at the right time. The girls gathered together and "pecked" over the idea. After much discussion Pip, Willa and Iris gave the "tails up" go ahead.
With a few spare boxes, duck tape, and a box cutter the condo was assembled. The girls seemed quite pleased with the additional space. Wings flapped, dust baths were taken, legs stretched, and take offs and landings were attempted.

I have the netting ready just encase those take offs become perfected to soon!
(Loretta don't give Willa any ideas she has enough of her own!)


Eve said...

You tell those girls not to mess up my ROOM!!!
Good work Chick mom!!!

Cedar ... said...

Love it! Makes me miss the days as a child when we had hens,... and of course chicks.

Jenny said...

I wish I could expand my house that easily!!! (-: do you have a place outside ready yet Julie?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliments! :-) Your girls will love the extra room. Our Lucy appears to be training for the Boston Marathon she is doing so much running around! Are yours using the roost yet?

dog trot farm said...

Jenny my DH has been gone for most of three weeks so not much accomplished. The big push will happened this weekend. Ali, the girls love roosting on their feeders and blocks of wood that the perch was on. I came home to their screening on the floor. I think Pip might have been trying to pull a "Loretta" Where is all this dust coming from?

A New England Life said...

LOL! It's like a runway! Glad they are all enjoying the extra room, and talk about an easy addition!

What are you going to do with them once they 'grow up'? Maybe you need some Guinea's, like Eve ; )


Kelly said...

...all these little chicks running around are so cute. I love the sound of hens in a're lucky to have one of your own!