Tuesday, May 19, 2009


No frost this morning for us, however parts of the state did. Just to be on the safe side I brought my tomato plants in last night. Today was a beautiful day to garden, but my gallbladder didn't want to corporate. I did see the surgeon this afternoon and he threw out words like "sluggish" and "thickened" so the gallbladder will go. No date for surgery as off yet, but hope it is soon. I have been searching for an arbor for a while now, but just never quite found what I was looking for. Last Friday I spied this black iron arbor at Lowes for $54.00. It fits nicely against our stone wall and the price was right.

I had purchased this cement stepping stone at the flower show in Fryeburg. I think it will fit nicely placed/planted under the arbor. I hope to plant Moon flowers which will trail up the arbor, that is if the deer don't discover them.

Sweet Emma Lou keeps watch over her "chooks"

This is the lovely Pip the Ameraucana or Easter egg layer. I have a feeling Pip might be a he, but am not positive. Her/his appearance is somewhat different than his counterpart Pearl. Only time will tell.
Lucy and Willa the Barred Rocks with Beatrix and Iris the Buffs. I love to hear their sweet music.

Just look at those sweet little faces. Well, my dear husband, while trying to be tactful announced "it smells like a barn in here". I replied, well there just babies what do you expect. They can't leave their mother yet, isn't that right Emma Lou. She just purred in agreement.


Cedar ... said...

Chooks are looking grand! Emma has quite an expression of interest!

Eve said...

I just love that arbor Julie! I have just the place for one of those! May need to make a trip to Lowes. The girls are just beautiful! Emma too.
Good luck on the surgery...hope it's soon!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh, there's just so MUCH to comment on here!

First of all...
Ugh about the gallbladder. This is a malady that runs in my family...many, many of us have had ours removed. I had mine taken out over 14 years ago now, but boy did I suffer with it at the time. I had a stone blocking the opening that would give me acute attacks that were really awful. You will feel SO much better when it's gone!

Love your arbor, now I need to look up what moon flowers look like. lol

And Pip...well, I didn't want to mention it, but my Pip was a roo, too. And he was rehomed because he kept getting the crap kicked out of him by my other roo, Roopert (well, and the hens, too). Poor boy. But I will think feminine thoughts for your Pip - it's still awfully early to be able to tell at this stage. All your chicks sure are adorable!! Do they use the little roosting stick yet? If not, it may be because it seems a bit high off the ground compared to their size, but it may just be the picture.

And, hey, you need to ask your husband what is wrong with a barn smell? Some of us are quite partial to that particular smell. lol :-) :-)

A New England Life said...

Look at those little faces! Barn smell or not they are adorable.

Pretty arbor. It goes well where you placed it and the stone should look nice as well. You sure do have wide open spaces where you live! So pretty!

Good luck with the surgery. I don't know much about Gallbladders but judging from what farmgirl says, having it removed will make you feel much better : )