Thursday, May 21, 2009


This thermometer says it all!


Eve said...

OUCH!! Glad I moved to Alabama!!!

Zitrone said...

Does it really say '98' ? And we thought it was quite warm here in Oregon at '74'! I have always dreamed of visiting Portland, Portland, Maine that is. But right now it's back to scrubbing the deck so that we can sit outside and enjoy the gentle spring breeze.

A New England Life said...

Yeah, cause its so much cooler down there Eve. lol!

I didn't mind the heat too much. The dogs and cats were pretty warm though and enjoyed the fans. The next hot spell we get my husband will have to put in an air conditioner or two.

Don't you hate how it's 90+ on day and 60 the next? Drives me crazy!


Cedar ... said...

Yep,.. we left for camping on that hot day,... the next night had to turn the camper's furnace on around 3 a.m. as I was freezing. Chilly and breezy all day saturday,.. if you don't like the weather just wait a few hours... or minutes!