Monday, August 17, 2009


I love old houses, there is a certain feeling you experience when walking through. I love the creaking sound of the old wide pine floors- the bubbles in the panes of the old glass windows- and if you're fortunate, to learn the history of the house and it former owner's. This white washed saltbox with a simple white picket fence is just charming. I would plant cosmos, phlox, nasturtiums and roses in the front yard.
A Gambrel roofed cape shingled with pine shakes. An old fashioned rose climbing the front arbor.
I would love to have this style of fence enclosing my field's. I can imagine sheep dotting the scenery.
And this for my means of transportation. I would store plenty of apples and carrots in my larder.
And to enjoy the ability to sit and work in garden while the world passed by.


A New England Life said...

Have you ever been to Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth? We've never made it to Sturbridge Village but I'd really like to go someday.

Glad you had a nice time and hopefully it wasn't too hot! Old colonial homes really are amazing, though I have to admit I would never want to live in one. It must have been very hard times back then compared to today.

Did you do any shopping???

Eve said...

What a great post Julie! Your house would fit nicely there. I wish I had your knack! Come and help me with my home!!!

DayPhoto said...

OH! I want to go there! I really do! Thank you for taking me, it is the closest I will probably ever get!


dog trot farm said...

Sharon, I have been to Strawberry Banke, we visited last summer. I enjoyed the visit very much and would like to try a winter visit. Have you done this? The purchases I made at Sturbridge were three wonderful books. The gift shop is wonderful, however, very pricey.

A New England Life said...

One year we went during the Candlelight Stroll in December because my daughter was playing her violin there with the string orchestra. It was awfully cold outside so luckily they were in the warming hut.

The sights were beautiful and there were plenty of people there. It's one of those things you really have to hit at the right time, and dress appropriately.


Kritter Keeper said...

wow, what a beautiful place! is that where the catalog comes from? i have ordered from it before and it too is pricey... love your pics! love picket fences. want to do one in front of the old house but want to find a really authentic looking vinyl one and so all of them look too new and too 'fat', not flat... if you know what i mean...