Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yesterday morning I went grocery shopping. Came home, started putting groceries away, opened the egg carton and did a double take. Eleven eggs. Eleven eggs, hummm, this has never happened before. I purchased organic free range eggs, on the carton was an e-mail address to contact if you had any issues. I sent them a humorous e-mail, not expecting a reply. This morning I did receive a reply. They offered to send me a coupon for the amount of the missing egg. Out of curiosity I e-mailed them back saying I would take them up on their offer. How much do you think one egg is worth? I have no idea, but I'll keep you posted!


Eve said...

hahaha! That is silly Julie...I'm going to I have yet to buy an organic egg...32 cents??? We shall see!!!

A New England Life said...

Well to the chicken that laid it, it was probably worth a lot! LOL!

the primitive country bug said...

LOL! That's too funny! Can you go in and buy just one egg with your coupon?? :)
Your pictures of the coast are just beautiful and you've done a great job capturing the essence of Maine! Looks like you had a nice day, for sure. :)
Yes, I think chicken feathers would make a nice addition to my home! I'm up for it! :)
HUgs~ Birgit

Rural Rambler said...

You mean in your little bit of country you don't have to check the carton like I do and make sure that there are indeed 12 eggs and that the twelve eggs are indeed not cracked from being thrown in the truck, out of the truck and thrown on the shelves seeing who can indeed through the eggs the farthest!

I thought maybe Gladys or Pip or one of the girls had gifted you!

Jenny said...

Don't you go back to the place you bought them to ask about that? Maybe a kid nicked one out of curiousity when they were in the shop? Weird and fun that you will get a coupon for one egg.