Friday, October 30, 2009


I check the girls' coop several times daily and today being no exception, found Pip nestled in a nesting box. Could it be?Why yes it could. Shortly thereafter she presented me with a beautiful blue egg.
In the corner of the coop floor was Honey, she laid her first egg. To date Honey's is the largest of the eggs given.
Honey is also my smallest hen. Its true, good things come in small packages.
And then you have Winslow Homer, the king and leader of Dog Trot Farm. It is just recently that I have allowed Winslow out among the chickens. Prior, I had kept him on a run, afraid he would chase and do bodily harm to the them. Winslow as you know by now has quite a reputation for getting himself into trouble and being naughty.
Enter Gladys ring leader of the hens. Mighty frog and mouse eater ( who knew?) and apparently not afraid of a four legged, pucker ridden, funny looking so called dog.
It has become quite apparent that Winslow Homer must remain on guard as Gladys has no issue with making her presence known. She has no reluctance in chasing, pecking,
and putting Winslow in his place.
and should she not be able to accomplish this on her own, the reinforcements are called in.
You go girls!


Rural Rambler said...

Happy Halloween Julie! Poor Winslow but hey a girl has to do what a girl has to do! Gladys you let little Mr. Pucker(Chicken Poop Face, shhhh)know who runs Dog Trot! Pip you are my favorite, don't tell.

60 eggs Julie, I would be making and eating creme brulee every dang day!

Eve said...

I have to say Julie...I never would have believed Old WH could do it! We all need to give him more credit. YOU GO GIRLS!!!!!

Gail said...

Wish I had some strong girls like that to stiffle Gypsy's interest in the egg layers.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hey, have I just missed this or has your "About Me" just recently changed? And quite significantly, too, I'd say...a farm and animals?! You go, Julie! A girl after my own heart!!

Poor he scared of the chickens yet? Roxy had a small run in with Roopert my rooster and she won't go anywhere near them anymore. This is just as well, because she kept gobbling up all the chicken, um, "treats" they were leaving behind. (blech)

Love the blue-green egg from Pip...Such a good girl!

Kritter Keeper said...

love your babies! such cute antics...pretty eggs! do they taste as good as they look?

dog trot farm said...

Thanks everyone. I am stunned that Winslow is intimidated by my girl's. They actually had him in their coop pen cornered and were pecking at him. The tables have been turned on Mr. Winslow Homer.Danni, my dream has always been to own a llama farm but miniature donkeys are very appealing to me as well.