Wednesday, November 18, 2009


" Pleasures lie thickest where no pleasure seem:

Align Center There's not a leaf that falls upon the ground
But holds some joy of silence or sound
Some spirits begotten of a summer dream."

~Leman Blanchard~


Vickie said...

I really love your farmhouse! It's so unique - I haven't read back to see about it yet. Just found your blog this evening. Your home looks like an old barn. I need to do some reading! Come by and visit this Texas girl at Sand Flat Farm!

Eve said...

Love it Julie. These little poems really make my day. Your leaf goes nicely with it and looks a bit crispy!!

Rural Rambler said...

Love this frosty leaf shot this morning Julie and the quote is very nice. "Some spirits begotten of a summer dream."-beautiful. I really like this time of year but this last summer, I miss it, fondly. A good thing, a wonderful memory. And you got me thinking this morning, thank you!

dog trot farm said...

Morning temperatures start off in the high teens to low twenties by afternoon mid fifties.Perfect weather. Vicky glad you found me I look forward to reading your blog.