Thursday, March 11, 2010


"Home sweet home," sweet home Alabama that is. Cousin Eve does indeed live on a beautiful mountain top, her enchanted home is nestled among the woods.
This day brought sunshine and a warm breeze. I took the opportunity to try out Miss Morgan's swing,
and shared a walk through the woods with Miss Daisy Lu.
I was delighted to meet one of Eve's new friends, Krista. She informed me that this weather would indeed wake the rattle snakes up and get them moving. Yup, me with my Mary Jane's on. Thankfully, I did not encounter any snakes, scorpions or black widow spiders. I am a girl from the Northeast, we do not worry about such things, but if I had to I guarantee you I would be dressed in armor and the insect man would be my best friend!
Now, Miss Evie is a fantastic cook and quite a hostess. Her famous dish is pork loin cooked on the grill. She marinates her pork in a secret sauce (which I never did find out). As evening came Eve placed her loin on the grill, and we girl's do what we usually do when we are together, start talking about gardening. We began a tour of all her new and existing gardens, when her Hubby came running out the front door wanting to know where the fire extinguisher was! Not a good sign. It appeared the grill was on fire and her house soon to be. Thankfully Hubby found the fire extinguisher, the loin was charred to perfection and the grill, well lets just say I think a trip to Home Depot is in the near future. Hence the $160.00 dollar pork loin. $10.00 for the loin and $150.00 for the grill.
The meal was delicious and not soon to be forgotten. Thank you to Heath for not only saving the meal, but putting up with Eve's family from Maine. He is a kind and generous man. Tomorrow more adventures from the South and the saga of the "house sitters."


DayPhoto said...

What a lovely spring photo. I love the house through the trees.


Gail said...

Oh, my! Expensive eating.

I love that house!

Beautiful spring pictures.

Eve said...

Awwwww! There's my Daisy Lu in the woods! She looks ready to tackle any snake that comes along Julie! Your daffodil photo came out just as sunny as could be! Love your story and laughed at the thought of you in southern armor! We loved having you! Wish we lived next door!

Leslie said...

What a funny story. Especially since all turned out well, (minus the poor grill of course). I just love those trees! Have fun!

Rowan said...

Eve's house is in a lovely place, it must be wonderful in spring and summer - but rattlesnakes, scorpions and Black Widow spiders?!! I can think of better neighbours - especially the spiders!

Cedar ... said...

Nothing like pork fat dripping into the fire below to get things exciting! Glad all ended well.

Rural Rambler said...

Julie!! You got to give the swing a try :)

Glad you all had fun. I am looking forward to the saga of the "house sitters" and hearing how all the girls are doing AND how Dog Trot Farms is doing as spring starts to show!

A New England Life said...

But those are the things you laugh about for years! Some good old hilarious memories of the pork loin!

You look like you really enjoyed yourself on that swing, Julie.

Razzberry Corner said...

Now that's an expensive home-cooked meal!

Kritter Keeper said...

you were in the south that's for sure...pork loin! sounds so delic! glad all's well that ends well...the house is very pretty and that swing looks like fun!

Jenny said...

Glad you had a good catch up with your southern cousin Julie! (-: That meal will stay in the memory forever!!! (-:

marisa said...

I need to get a swing like that!

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