Monday, March 15, 2010


Here at Dog Trot Farm life is trying to resume it's normal flow. Let me just state there are circumstances standing in the way. First, a trip this morning to the veterinarian's office. It seems Winslow Homer has come down with a case of kennel cough. We left the vet's office with antibiotics in hand and my purse a little lighter (no a lot lighter). Second, Henny Penny now has a featherless back. She has been Blu-Koted and returned to the indoor five star accommodations. I know she is enjoying this living situation regardless of the humiliation it brings her. Now it appears Gladys and Lucy have decided to don the "naked neck" chicken look, let me just state this is not a fashion statement I want my girl's to promote. Why is it I wonder that Miss Georgia is the only one of my girl's with all her feathers intact?
When you leave the State of Maine and head South one of the first things you observe is the abundance of billboard ads. Here in Southern Maine we have very few billboards, if any. I'd like to keep it that way. Billboards I have noticed can be quite diverse in their advertising, anything from sex to religion. Two ads I recall read " You don't need facebook to talk to God" and "Recession 101-self worth is more important than net worth". I thought these to be quite thought provoking. Both of these quotes in my opinion "hit the nail on the head". As you enter Pennsylvania you begin to see the three crosses in the landscape, which as most of you know represent the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Also seen are billboard ads for fireworks. Big business this must be as everywhere you look from Pennsylvania on through to the South these signs clutter the scenery. Fireworks in the State of Maine are illegal. Once you enter Tennessee the advertising starts in earnest for the "all you can eat" buffet restaurants. Parking lots for these restaurants appeared full no matter what the time of day. More bang for the "buck" I would suspect, in this economy who wouldn't want to get their money's worth. More on observations coming tomorrow !


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Sending Get Well Wishes to Winslow Homer...get better little guy....

sending love,

Gail said...

Hope the cough is leaving, poor baby.

I dislike billboards too but many times they have saved me from being lost as I travel.

Love your sky shot.

Eve said...

I hope all critters recover Julie!

And you really never know what you'll see when you travel! I can't wait to hear more.

Cedar ... said...

The fur-babies on the hill send get well wishes to Winslow Homer! Re: roadside things,... I have driven all through the south and find the three crosses a distraction,.. bill boards too. When lived in Mobile, AL for a year firewords were sold out of a trailer in the Winn Dixie parking lot! New Year's Eve was a big fireworks night. Bang Bang Fizzzzz,... starting at dark and ending up well after midnight. In almost everyone's backyard, even ours! I will admit I was nervous as I come from a "no amateur fireworks" state.

Rural Rambler said...

Hope Winslow is feeling better today and that Henny Penny appreciates her 5 star accommodations.

Missouri has all kinds of billboards especially on I70 from St. Lou to K.C. And down 54 to the Lake of the Ozarks. They are everywhere and building more, I wish they would go away. Interesting observations, I am looking forward to more!

DayPhoto said...

Goodness, how did Winslow get sick!?!

Boy, I hope he is doing better. There is nothing worse that a sick child, er puppy.


missthesea said...

I hope Winslow is feeling better now!!

Leslie said...

I hope that by now Winslow is better. I have gone through that with both of my dogs (at different times) It is scary to see them coughing. Oh Miss Georgia, what has come over you? It does seem a little fishy that whatever is doing this, is not doing it to her. I hope everything gets back to normal soon. Best wishes to all of you!