Thursday, March 25, 2010


I returned home from vacation and something strange happened, I did not feel like myself. Oh I was glad to be home and so happy to see my feathered friends and Winslow and Emma too. I couldn't quite put my finger on this feeling, just felt off. Then I looked at my reading material, which by the way says it all. Dang, I'm even beginning to think I resemble this women on the book cover. I do need help. Now lets see, my symptoms are- feeling tired, lack of interest, I have been dragging myself to greet the girls each morning, (highly unusual for this chicken loving mama ) Have had no desire to blog or even read blogs (what is wrong with me). My head feels like "fluff" and I can't remember a thing (" honey have you seen my glasses"?) Oh and anything made with sugar would be my food of choice. Now, here is the most important clue, night sweats and sleeplessness. I figure If you add these symptoms together you come up with "MENOPAUSE". All you ladies of a certain age please reassure me that this is going to end before I kill myself or someone kills me! Honey, I know you love me and yes you are a very patient man. Ladies is there light at the end of the tunnel? Enough said. Even Winslow Homer has been out of sorts. The kennel cough has lasted longer than we had anticipated, Winslow keeps praying it will leave him soon. "Hang in there buddy."
This morning I jumped out of bed to greet the day. Sleeping in my new "chicken lounging pants" did put a smile on my face.

I came downstairs to be greeted by my new chicken friends, which did make me feel happier.
One can never have enough chicken friends you know. Went outside and began digging in the dirt, oh the feeling of warm soil in your hands can't help but make ya feel happy.
Having chickens is good mental therapy. Chickens are always ready to listen
and do not hesitate to offer an opinion.
chickens are always good company, plain and simple.
and the rewards, priceless.
I do believe I feel better after writing this post, thank you and goodnight!


Eve said...

How could you not be uplifted by warm dirt and chickens Julie. You will be fine...if ANY woman can get through can we!!!

Gail said...

Sometimes just saying it out loud helps.

A shared load is lighter.

Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

glad thiungs are looking up for you. I know the feeling, just hang in there. maybe the chicks would like to have a ride in the wheelbarrow, why not give it a try. and poor little winslow hope he gets over his cough soon.abucepse

Rural Rambler said...

Julie YES there is light at the end of the men-ohhhhh-pause tunnel. Menohhhhpause and I tangled back in '01. I won. But it was a rocky ride. Life is so much better after, trust me :)

I am so glad you posted! I love your new chicken friends :) The chicken pants are darling!!

Farm Girl said...

I think it is a bit like a marathon, I felt that way, for a bit, but now that I am through most of it, It is like being re-born. I have more energy. Life is so much better in the "after" part. But, I did go get some more chicks so it could be that. Chickens I think just heal so many things in life. Playing in the dirt helps a bunch too. I think it is all of the horror stories that creep in that is scary. :)

DayPhoto said...

You just may have to visit your Dr. there are lots of things out there to help.


edwina said...

Love the hilarious pictures of chickens in wheelbarrow. I love gardening with my chickens They're so helpful. How can you not be cheered by their sunny attitudes? Glad you have them for entertainment. And where did you find those cool pants!?!

missthesea said...

I'm so happy that you're back! I was wondering what happened to you!

Jenny said...

Hi Julie, I seem to have missed a few posts! I can sort of psudo sympathise with you, as I haven't quite hit that problem yet, tho I suspect its coming up fast! Glad your chooks help. I'm sending over lots of positive vibes your way plus a e-hug! Take care! Wren

the primitive country bug said...

Hi Julie~
Glad you're back safe and sound from your vacation. I often wonder if I'm heading into the big "M" myself as there are days I just have to push myself along. I think you've got plenty of chicken therapy there to see you through it and with those lovely sleeping pants, warm dirt, spring on it's way and Winslow Homer to guide you, I think you'll be just fine. I've enjoyed playing catch up on your blog. I've missed you!
Hugs~ Birgit

Cedar ... said...

I like how you worked through your "mood".... yes, my friend there is light at the end of the tunnel. Although some days it felt like a freight train! Love the pics of the girls!