Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Okay, so my beautiful girls have not begun to lay eggs. I have not heard a "cluck "or a "crowing" but they do tend to "honk". They are unique unto themselves. For instance while free ranging they might decide to opt for a sunbath. A warm sunny spot in the lee where they cluster together and begin to purr in sheer happiness. Yes, that's right purr. Who knew?

Often when I visit the coop at night there is usually some quiet chatter going on.

And if I decide to visit for a minute, the girls start vocalizing their opinion. Barak-barak-barak, no "clucking" just barak.

So it took me awhile to catch on to "what" they might be voicing. Now I have been told chickens are not very bright. I beg to differ. I think barak refers to President Barack Obama. The girls have been voicing their opinions in regard to the state of the world and health care reform. Who's got egg on their face now, chickens dumb? Ha! Maybe I had better listen more carefully- the girls might just come up with something useful. It couldn't hurt, could it?


Anonymous said...

Such great photos! I find our so difficult to photograph, they are so fast, and a bight flighty. Their combs are reddening, that is another sign of maturity, when they start to do the rooster crouch, then you'll know eggs will soon follow. Tuesday we got 3 eggs, 5 more to go...
As for what the girls are talking about, check out this video I posted:

Jenny wren's nest said...

The comment thing was not letting me make a comment.
The pic of your fist chicken looks like one of mine, the other was murdered by an owl. My babys have yeat to lay an egg and they coo also, unfortunetly two of my babys are roosters. Eric says I have too many chickens for my coop, I just cant get myself to cook any of my flock. Jenny

DayPhoto said...

You chickens should begin laying somewhere around 6-7 months. When they do the eggs will be tiny, tiny. They will gradually get larger. Randomly you will get A HUGE ONE!

A neat bonus about young chicken eggs is the double yoke that happens frequently!

Good luck...I love having chickens from friends.

Honye Hen has to sit on my lap every evening when I get home and have a pet and neck scratch.


Eve said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! You'd better keep your ears in tune girly! You just never know!!

PS the pictures are FABULOUS!!

Eve said...

PSS I think that one chicken has a beard.

Yvonne at Country Gardener said...

Your chickens are really sweet. You make chicken-keeping look very appealing. I'm resisting though for myself, even though I would love the fresh eggs.

Rural Rambler said...

I think the girls are all about keeping informed on health care reform. They are just totally confused by the whole thing. Maybe they will get things worked out during their late night chatter sessions :) Fun Pictures.

A New England Life said...

Your lady chickens are all twitter! There is much to say and everygirl has an opinion.

Eve's right! She does have a beard! Yikes!