Monday, November 23, 2009


Yesterday was a fine day to finish leaf raking, give the coop a good cleaning and complete a few lingering projects. This is my primitive lady who watches over my garden year round. I needed to refurbish her with a coat of paint and an application of wax. I made a large batch of silicone bulbs. These were made from a recipe given by "Char" over at the " Pickled Pepper Patch". They smell wonderful as well as give that primitive ambiance that we primitive lovers strive for.
I found a piece of scrap wood left over from another project and decided to attempt my take on a primitive candle board. The candles I made from another of Char's recipes. I just love that gal!
This Christmas stocking I began last winter it was all hooked I just needed to add the greenery.
An" alas" it is time to put these primitive fall friends away. Stay tuned to see who or what will take their place.


Cabin Creek Farm ♥ said...

What fun to see your lil pumpkin fella's! They are wondeful. I look forward to seeing what takes there place.
Glad to have found your blog.
Happy Thanksgiving ☻

Gail said...

I need a recipe for ambition, I can't seem to find any.

henbogle said...

Love the garden gal! So sweet.... OK, help me out with the silicone bulbs -- they smell good? I am completely lost on that one.

How is Honey today? Has she recovered? was her egg a double yolker?

dog trot farm said...

CC Farm, Thank you for your kind comments. Ali when you swirl your candle bulb in the silicone you add a bit of candle scent to the mixture. I added Cinnamon. When the bulb is warm the scent is given off. Honey's egg was a double yolker and she repeated herself yet again today. Gail, you find ambition when you least expect it!

Eve said...

No wonder your gardens are perfect Julie! You've got a friend to help you with them!!! I love her!
I wish I was there with you to work on all the fun things at your house. We would have a blast!
I love your stocking too!

Rural Rambler said...

Julie I just looked at a few blogs last night. It had been a long day and it was late. I looked at the bowl of bulbs and missed the silicone bulb part. I looked and looked some more and thought what the heck are they? She says they smell good and got the recipe from someone. They look like some kind of dates. This morning it is all very clear to me what they are. Goodness I was clueless.

Your primitive lady, it would be comforting to know she was handling things in the garden. The Christmas stocking is awesome and makes me want to bring back our stocking tradition, but only with ones that look like yours. And I will be looking forward to see who takes the fall friends place, fun. Hootie too will be taking a vacation I guess till next year.

JC said...

I like the stocking ...

DayPhoto said...

I hopped over to The Pickled Pepper Patch but I didn't find the recipe for silicone bulbs would you tell me how to make them, please? And where do I get silicone?

I'm just getting into the primative world so I have lots and lots to learn.


the primitive country bug said...

Look at all those wonderful bulbs! I bet they do smell fantastic and I think they look good all in that bowl like that too. :)
Your little garden angel does a nice job with all your beautiful gardens. They are truly lovely from what I see in the picture on your header.
Love the stocking too! Oh my, that is marvelous!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving dear friend~ Birgit

the primitive country bug said...

I meant to comment on your candle board too. That came out great as well. You're one talented lady!

mckee cox said...

I love the candle board!! Where did you get the recipe for the candles, I would love to make some that like!! Merry Christmas!