Wednesday, March 4, 2009


All winter long I have been thinking about how nice it would be to have a flock of chickens in my backyard. After visiting my cousin Eve (Sunny Side Up) and experiencing her flock of Guinea Fowl, I thought I can do this. Now, I love her Guineas, especially that rascal Buddy, but they were just to loud for me. Ear protection required!So, Eve sent me her issue of Hobby Farms Magazine. Very informative.
Then I purchased this book and feel in love with those cute little Bantams.

Then purchased this book, the "bible" of chicken raising. Read all the pros and cons, cons are frightening. But what the heck, if other people can do this why can't I. So, I broke the news to Winslow Homer that he may be spending time on a "run"but the upside was he'd have ten new ladies in his life. A "harem".
After spending a lot of time at Tractor Supply, Blue Seal, and Paris Farmer's Union, I signed myself up for a "chicken seminar" and officially submitted my application for 10 Bantams. My "due" date May 7th. Yipeee, let the nesting begin!