Thursday, January 21, 2010


Here at Dog Trot Farm we are digging out from under fifteen inches of new snow. I personally have been digging my way back to the land of the living. For the past month I have had a headache, yes you read that correctly a month. Monday it turned into a severe migraine, cluster, tension headache. Coming from stubborn and stoic stock, I felt I could win this battle on my own. Wrong by 4:15 Monday I was in urgent care, and then proceeded to the CT scanner. Being that it was late in the day the radiologist was long gone. This urgent care doc was wonderful, my CT scan was sent via technology to New Zealand, you read that correctly, and by the time I walked through my door, there was a message waiting for me. The results were normal and I now had an appointment with a Neurologist Tuesday the next morning. I am not a huge fan of pharmaceuticals, but after this experience I will gladly administer anything that brings relief. Hence my lack of computer and blog time. The medications are beginning to provide relief, but I still have a ways to go.
With all that said and done, I would like to express my thanks to Leslie from the wonderful blog "In The Shadow Of Juniper Hill " honoring me with a Best Blog Award. My small blog can not compare to some, but I do enjoy sharing my stories from Dog Trot Farm. I have found so many wonderful blogs each different and unique in their own way. I enjoy them all. As soon as my head returns to normal I will complete the conditions to the award. I also want to thank cousin Eve, who posted the award for me via technology, she's my go to tech gal, and with a brain like mine I need all the help I can get!!!