Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Many thanks to everyone who offered knowledge and concern in regards to Lu-Lu and her health. I do suspect she is egg bound. Today however, she appears normal- eating, drinking, scratching and bathing in the hen yard. I know diet is not an issue as my girl's are fed organic feed, corn scratch, a dish of calcium is always available. Daily the girls are also given greens, berries and yogurt. Our family vet does not attend to farm animals and a large animal vet is $100- also an additional fee is charged for the house call. I feel guilty that money is an issue when it comes to the well being of an animal, but I do need to be realistic. The "holistic" and or " old fashioned remedy" is the way I will treat her. So with that being said I am off to the grocery store to purchase all the ingredients needed for the "tonics" everyone has suggested. Once again Lu-Lu and I thank you for all the wonderful advice and wisdom. I will keep everyone updated on Lu-Lu's well being. Have a great day everyone!