Monday, February 1, 2010


A winter morning. Slowly, I am getting back into my daily routine. Winslow and I walked through the woods this morning. I am still waiting to hear back from the neurologists in regards to blood tests and meds. Such a long drawn out process- however, I am so grateful to be feeling better and glad that my head did not actually explode! For a while there I thought it just might happen. I have been practicing with the chicken diaper. Winslow Homer, as you can see is a hesitant participant. I think, no I know this is going to be a two person job. When the weather warms and the girls are out in the yard I am going to give it a whirl. Eve where are you when I need you!

At this point in the winter season we all need a little sign of the promise of spring. I purchased these Prim Roses at the grocery store, they are just lovely. I bought them for my mom as they are a favorite of hers.

I love these tiny daffodils. Something as simple as flowers can help us to remain up beat and positive during the cold long winter season. I also purchased Country Garden Magazine. I enjoy a lazy afternoon dreaming of what is to come. Is there anyone out in "cyber space" who is missing the loss of Country Home Magazine? I surely am. I just can't seem to find a proper replacement.
If you have any suggestions please let me know.
Eleven eggs were added to my egg basket this morning, someone is working overtime!
With that being said I made another loaf of cranberry banana bread. The recipe from" Olde Crow Primitives" is addictive and oh so delicious. My waistline, not so good.
Finally, I again want to thank Leslie for the generous blogger award. Leslie I am going to publicly admit I do not know how to link back to someone else's blog. Every attempt I have made I end up messing up my own blog. I am sorry, but there you have it. Maybe when my head finally clears I can figure it out. I will remain positive and not give up. Even an "old dog" can learn a new trick!