Saturday, July 18, 2009


The sun came out this afternoon and I put the finishing touches on the front of the coop; a yellow tin star and a basketful of Daisies. I had to give it a little"chick" effect. The girls huddled together and all were in agreement they liked the "girly "touch.

Lots of sunbathing and dust baths going on this afternoon, the temperature reached 80 plus degrees. It finally feels like summer has arrived in Maine.

My DH (Demon Husband) only kidding, put together the girl's nesting boxes. We are prepared if nothing else. There is not an exterior access door to the boxes. This morning as I was reading a favorite blog, one of this blogs hen's was killed by a raccoon. Those critter's are very crafty ( as we have experienced) the raccoon unlocked the box, killed and decapitated the hen. I am not taking any chances. I want to be able to count all ten heads in the morning!

I never realized that "Hens and Chickens" had the ability to flower like this. These came from my parent's home on the island. I transplanted them about ten years ago and this is the first time I have noticed blossoms. Who knew.

The Cone flowers are beginning to open; these are called Tiki Torch. I love the vibrant color, it adds a nice pop to the flower garden.

The Blue Lace Cap Hydrangea is also making an appearance. Hydrangea's, especially the color blue, are one of my all time favorites. And finally the blueberries are starting to ripen. There won't be enough to make jam this year as the shrubs are only a year old, however, maybe a pie. Life is good!