Saturday, October 30, 2010


The days are short.... and the shadows long.... Now I did not intend to take a blogging hiatus, it just sort of happened. It has been a busy month here at Dog Trot Farm. There have been household projects to complete, day trips shared with my DH. I have discovered some wonderful thrifting treasures and two new primitive shops. All of which I will share in future posts. I have visited Camp Wool in Kennebunk, if you are a "hooker" or enjoy stitchery of any kind you will feel like a kid in a candy store, I certainly do. Tuesdays have been spent with my dad. He comes to the mainland and we tend to the grocery shopping, any errands dad or my mom might have and of course that includes breakfast at "IHOP". The groceries are delivered to Casco Bay Lines and ferried out to the Island. I offered my services to a friend in preparation for her daughter's Halloween party and finally my mom underwent successful cataract surgery. The only place that it has been quiet is in the hen house. My youngest girls Fern and Phoebe have begun laying. They have given me such small smooth eggs, the cutest little eggs I have ever seen. Lulu is still producing "jello" eggs, but otherwise appears healthy. Winslow.... is prepared for Trick or Treaters....well if I were to be honest Winslow becomes so excited we have to put him in the car....he thinks he's heading to Wal-mart. Winslow loves Wal-mart. and finally.... beware....Spiderella might be lurking about.
Happy Halloween!