Sunday, November 28, 2010


Good evening from snowy Maine. Well, not actually snow in the town I reside, (we did see a brief moment of flurries) but thirty-five minutes north in the town of Bridgton, Maine. Bridgton is home to Pleasant Mountain, a popular skiing mecca. The sight of snow on this beautiful Sunday certainly puts one in the holiday mindset.... add Christmas music and you have all the elements for a perfect Sunday drive. No malls or box stores for us, just a leisurely drive taking in the scenery. Perfect it was until I noticed as we drove along more and more homes already decked out in their holiday finest. I finally said "honey I think we better head home.... our Christmas decorations are calling." Lets take a step back to Thanksgiving. Wednesday morning found Winslow Homer waiting patiently for his Nanny and Papa to arrive. My little guy is holding his own, but still continues to lose weight. Tomorrow Winslow and I head to the vet for his weekly blood sugar check. He intuitively knows where we are heading when I show him his seat belt and say "ride-ee". Winslow hides, shakes, and whines.... not a pretty sight. Now I never bribed my boys when confronted with a negitive situation, but you can bet your bottom dollar I bribe Winslow Homer. Chicken (his favorite treat) chewies, anything he wants I will indulge....well within reason. All I want is for us to get in and out of the veterinarians without him (or for that matter me) having a seizure. Wednesday I could be found in the kitchen.... up to my elbows in flour and shortening. Thank goodness for King Arthur Flour.... their pie crust recipe has yet to fail me.
I must say my and pumpkin....came out to every one's satisfaction.

Not one disaster to be had in my kitchen.

Winslow didn't have the privilege of licking the plates this Thanksgiving, "I'm sorry little man you are on a high fiber diet," please forgive your momma.

Our family enjoyed a wonderful day as I hope did you and yours. I count my blessings each and everyday. Speaking of blessings... below is a gift my sweet dad made for me.... it is called a "kneeling" bench ....and I just love it.... thank you father. Finally, I would like to wish my dear sister in-law Jovan a very Happy Birthday. We all miss you down there in the Panhandle of Florida... the holidays just are not the same without you....can you come home now?