Tuesday, November 22, 2011


"For simple grace and dignity it is unsurpassed, this old pine table that is ours for awhile.
"Children growing up around it, that each generation nurtures the next in the home."
I recently came across those words which promptly brought to mind the story of the old pine table that now graces our home. In 1966, my husband and his family moved from suburbia to the country, to a "big old farm house." Needing a table to accommodate her large family (six children) my mother in-law commissioned local craftsman Austin Alden (who by the way is a direct descendant of the famed Pilgrim John Alden) to build a farm table, six side chairs, a lady's chair for the Mrs and a larger version to accommodate my 6 foot 4 father in-law. Mr Alden was reluctant, being elderly and ready to hang up his hand tools, but finally agreed ( I do believe it was the twinkle in my mother in-law's "blueberry blue" eyes that won him over). The pine table was built and soon ensconced in the old farmhouse. The six resident hound dogs found the table as an out of the way escape, TK the cat would jump on the table using it as a spring board to get to the safety of a nearby hutch. Over the years it has served the family well, the table has been part of celebrations, holidays, weddings, the birth of grandchildren and great grandchildren. There have been many happy times as well as sad. With the passing of my mother in-law last December it was agreed among the family that the old pine table would come to live with us. This Thanksgiving there will be memories shared of loved ones no longer with us, of the many blessings we are grateful for, and of future generations yet to be. The old pine table will serve us well...