Tuesday, October 27, 2009


By now most of you know I spend a lot of time visiting with my "girls". What I have learned from them is each and every one has a distinct personality and each breed presents different traits. My Buffs are more reserved, not as boisterous, are lady like and enjoy their "dirt" baths. The Ameraucanas have a "look at me" attitude, strut around with puffed chests (you would think they were males) and are aloof and loud. Now the Barreds. Right from the start they were the more friendlier breed and most open to human contact. They enjoy being held, carried, and will sit on your lap. The other morning while brushing my teeth, I looked out the bathroom window and who do I see? Miss Willa perched on the porch window box. You cannot come in, I'm sorry. Then I stood still and just watched.
She was trying to get comfy in the window box.
She had a determined look on her face
and then would need to take "five."Egg laying is hard work.
Willa I think you had better rethink this.
I'm serious
Not going to work, I told you. Hens have a mind of their own, don't you know.
Oops.Next day, second attempt
Yup I added chips, she works so hard to give us her "gifts"
Go ahead give it the old college try. Do you see what I see, Bingo!
With a very loud announcement one egg was delivered perfectly centered in the window box. Chickens are amazing, well mine are anyway.