Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What a delightful day it has been. On the North side of my home at two PM it was ninety-five
degrees. Am I going to complain, absolutely not. This is perfect gardening weather! No humidity, and an Easterly breeze to keep the insects away. Yipee!
Winslow on the other hand was hot, but he refused to stay indoors. As long as cool water is available and he can dig himself a hole to flop into he's happy. The idea of giving him a hair cut crossed my mind, but the local weather man calls for thirty degrees tonight, so we shelved that idea. Yesterday I went to one of my favorite plant nurseries, Broadway Gardens located in South Portland. My youngest son had given me a gift certificate for Christmas, (aren't those the best gifts, you just can't go wrong with plants or gardening books) I clipped a $10.00 coupon the nursery provided in the local newspaper. I Purchased an Endless Summer Blue Hydrangea. It presents itself with beautiful showy blue flowers during the summer and is just stunning.
Also purchased, a Lilac named Ludwig Spaeth. It has deep purple heart shaped flowers. I like to plant my lilac's close to my home so I can open the windows and let their sweet fragrance drift in. Oh the simple joys of spring.

More progress was made on the chicken coop this past weekend, it is now enclosed and the roof shingled. My DH left for Plymouth, Mass. for two weeks on business. For the time being this project is at a standstill.
I hope you all had a wonderful day and were able to get outside and enjoy the weather. The seasons here in New England pass by so quickly we need to take advantage when possible. Till next time.