Friday, May 29, 2009


As of Wednesday at 8:00 pm I am gall bladder free! However, I have been blindsided by all the pain and discomfort it has brought. I have had laparoscopic surgery prior and bounced back quickly. This time however, I feel like a steamroller has run over me. Upon my return home from the surgery center I was instructed to take morphine. (I am camped out on the couch as the thought of climbing stairs is not appealing) I take my morphine at midnight and the next thing I realize I am passed out on the kitchen floor. I crawled back to the couch and did not move for the rest of the night. No more morphine for me! It has been raining since Wednesday, I have not lost any gardening days. But when your down and out you think of the the chores that need to be accomplished. Yes mom I will be patient! Till next time.