Sunday, December 5, 2010


Below.... the welcoming committee for the Shakers of New Gloucester Maine. Ten o'clock....friends of the Shakers were in line with tote bags and ready to shop....This is our fourth year attending this holiday fair. First year.... DH and I stood in line THREE hours to purchase the famous Shaker "ROSEMARY BISCUITS." Tender, soft and flaky they were.... however.... not to our taste....the rosemary DOMINATED the flavor of the biscuit. I was very disappointed and you can bet my DH won't be standing in line for three hours for ANYTHING again. Second year.... FRUITCAKE. There happened to be an article in our local newspaper regarding the DREADED Christmas fruitcake....the paper guaranteed that any fruitcake "nay sayer" would fall for the fruitcake offered by the Shakers. No long line for this baby....Now I am not a huge fan of fruitcake however.... I was willing to spend the fifteen dollars....yes you read that correctly.... for this loaf cake. I had to find out for myself if this cake was everything the newspaper made it out to be... It was good....more cake than fruit....and the fruit was large one and only complaint....too did get eaten. The Shaker fair also offers quality hand-made goods, herbs and spices, yarn, books, paintings, ornaments, etc. I just realized I can't show you my goodies as I am sending them to friends and family for Christmas. You'll just have to wait till after the holiday for a peek. Next up....on to Lizzie's Rags. A sweet little primitive shop also located in the New Gloucester area.
This is the door prize I won.... a very sweet little woven pillow. I also had a nice chat with the shop owner....who is a very sweet lady herself. You have one more week to visit Lizzie's Rags before the shop closes for the winter....otherwise you will have to wait till spring. Hope everyone had a great weekend....the days are flying by....