Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This afternoon as I was in the kitchen deciding what to make for dinner, I heard a tap-tap-tapping sound at the front door. Winslow heard it as well and went running to the door and instead of barking he just sat down. Highly unusual for Winslow. I looked out the door and then went running for my camera. This is what I captured. Well hello ladies. These girls are becoming a little too brave for their own good.
Yes, that's Winslow Homer and yes, he is a dog. Okay, he might be a little funny looking. Does he want to come out and play, hmmm?
Well girls, I'm not sure if that's a good idea, remember the feather incident. How quickly they forget. No ladies I think Winslow Homer is better off on the opposite side of the door.
Now it's not nice to tease, he can't help the way he looks.
I swear I could here those girls snickering.
And look who's keeping an eye on all the action. Yes Pinky Larue still resides at Dog Trot Farm.