Saturday, October 17, 2009


If you follow Winslow down this pathin the distance you will come upon a well loved family campMy late father in-law purchased this camp and property in 1965. It has since been put in trust for my husband and his five siblings, their children and grandchildren. The camp is nestled among the pines and located on Hancock Pond in Denmark, Maine. The weather has turned cold signaling the time had come to put camp to "sleep" for the winter. Canoes and rowboats are secured in the bunk house, raft pulled to the beach, bedding put in trunks, and water and electricity turned off.The foliage was at peak and just lovely. We will see camp next on Christmas Eve Day. It has become a tradition that my husband and I drive up and check on the camp and just listen to silence and take in the winter scenery. Some years we are able to walk in, sometimes we snowshoe or ski. It is a day we both look forward to.And lookey here my first egg on the left, on the right an egg from this morning.What a difference a week makes. Size does matter!I have accumulated a small bowlful of eggs and yes we are eating them. Oh, I love my chickens!