Monday, January 25, 2010


Finally, the surprise for the girls arrived on Saturday. Winslow was the first to inspect the arrival, just to let you know he was not impressed- I on the other hand was very excited.
Pip, my lovely girl you are to be my first victim, um
let me rephrase that, my first student- okay how about model.
Now girls, be patient everyone
will have a turn in due time.

Wait till you see it, it's quite pretty- if I do say so.
That's correct, one day soon you'll be walking through this door

Really, I'm not kidding you'll be able to listen to Imus In The Morning with me, maybe share a bowl of oatmeal, yes you can have blueberries too.
Ta Da......
Yes that's right a diaper! now aren't you impressed? But girls it has flowers on it....
Girls where did ya go, Pip oh Pip.....
Oh Pip my pretty girl you'll look lovely in black, I promise.