Sunday, August 1, 2010


My girl Lu-Lu is ill. Her symptom's began two weeks ago when the temperature here reached 90 plus degrees accompanied with high humidity. The first time I knew something was "off" was when I collected eggs. Lu-Lu jumped out of the nesting box leaving behind a "jello-like" egg. Initially my first thought was it was heat related or stress induced. Lu-Lu appeared fine, but later in the week another "jello-like" egg and finally, I witnessed her dropping a perfect round yoke however, no shell. Be still my heart! I have read through my chicken library and visited various Internet sites and realize this is not a good situation, especially if the shell is broken inside her cavity. Lu-Lu had appeared fine- doing what chickens do, that is until this afternoon.
This morning she laid a perfect egg, hopped out of the nest and went happily into the hen yard with her sisters. Later in the afternoon, I let all the girls out for a romp and Lu-Lu (with tail feathers down) slowly wandered out, stopped and just stood still and closed her eye's. I picked her up and sat her in my lap and it was then that I noticed the white part of the egg on my jean's. I carried Lu-Lu back into the hen yard, placed her on the ground and the yoke "plopped" out. Good Lord, I feel like such an unfit chicken keeper. I offered Lu-Lu plain yogurt with blueberries and added unfiltered vinegar to her water. Lu-Lu "slurped" it right up and "presto" her tail feather's stood erect. I am not sure what else to do- carrot tonic? antibiotic? By evening she appeared to recover, back to her old self. So please, all you good and kind chicken keepers out there Lu-Lu and I need your help- we welcome any and all advice, thank you!