Tuesday, July 13, 2010


What's been happening here at Dog Trot Farm? Well, me trying to maintain my and my girl's health and sanity. Ours is a continuing battle with heat and humidity, one of which I am ready to be done with. (I am sure many of you feel the same way too.) I can handle the heat, but the darn humidity, nope don't like it much. A proper Southern Lady I would not make. When I experienced my first summer here in the country I quickly learned my neighbors kept their doors and windows closed, pulled their shades and buttoned up their now dark homes for the day. UGH.... Growing up on an Island I was accustomed to open windows and doors with a cool sometimes cold salty Southerly breeze blowing in. After 28 years of "darkening" the house it is a custom I still find foreign, but indeed necessary. This Fourth of July was the hottest I can recall in years and last Tuesday as I drove through down town the thermometer registered 106 degrees. Needless to say my hens do not do well in these hot conditions. Heat and humidity can do in a chicken in no time at all, precautions need to be taken. I keep the girls well hydrated changing their water frequently. I offer lots of juicy fruits and greens (instead of corn scratch) and mist them and their run when warranted. So far this has worked well. During hot weather chickens pant and walk around with their wings slightly "ajar". When tail feathers begin to droop and combs and wattles become pale, you know your girls are showing signs of trouble. I am always cautious when such symptoms occur. Lets just say I've concocted a nice "blueberry smoothie" to help maintain their health and well being.

With the weather such as it is I have been letting the girls forage through the herb garden. It is somewhat cooler there, and the plus side when they eventually wander out they are scented with lemon balm, lavender and mint, nothing better than a good smelling chicken, and I don't mean a "roasting" chicken. Get your mind out of the oven.
The flower gardens are thriving and since I removed all my roses (sign) the Japanese beetle population has dwindled. Yippee....
The old fashioned Day lilies bow, surrendering to the heat and humidity.
The Irish Eyes are smiling....
This Blanket flower provides a nice "pop" to the perennial bed.

Delphinium and Heliotrope....

Daises..... I really like the shade of this orange cone flower.... doesn't it just give ya such a happy feeling.
And last but not least a handful of strawberries....yup, just a handful.
How is your garden growing?