Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Come April, we gardeners pull on our overalls, don our muck boots, grab our rakes, hoes, and tiller and head to the plot of soil we call our garden. Whether your plot is large or small it makes no difference, those garden visions that have been harbored all winter long can now be brought to life. Here in Southern Maine the weather has felt more like May than April. At Dog Trot Farm we seem to be ahead of the game as far as spring chores go. The lawn has been raked of it's winter debris and today was the first mowing. Gardens have been tilled and peas planted. Well, peas were planted along with lettuce, carrots and dill until someone who shall remain nameless(Gladys) decided scratching in the new tilled soil was much more pleasurable than joining in the communal bath with her sisters. Gladys has also discovered a new diversion, pulling laundry of the clothesline. Fortunately for me she has not been successful, yet.
Alas, seeds have been replanted and netting was secured around the perimeter of the raised bed garden. This will keep certain fowl out of trouble and aid in climbing peas and certain flowers.

A new arbor has been installed,
and these bright and cheerful pansies just had to come home with me, they practically jumped into my shopping bag.
When planted in this festive teacup planter, they can't help but put a smile on your face. Flowers have a magical power all their own and I am so happy these chose to come home with me.
As for Norman the gnome, well he has been repositioned to the back woods. Norman will spend his days waiting and watching for the summer fairies to arrive. I do believe there is magic in those woods, I guess I'll just have to wait and see.