Monday, March 21, 2011


Welcome spring....I know the calender officially informs us today is the first day of spring....and I did happen across a flock of rather scrawny looking robins this morning....However, it appears Old Man winter refuses to exit without a fight.... snow is indeed falling....two to six inches predicted for our area here in Southern Maine. For now.... I leave it to these delightful tulips to put a smile on my face. No, sadly they were not found in my garden....but the grocery store. At seven dollars a pop they certainly are not inexpensive, but they do serve their purpose well. There is just something about spring flowers that can lift one's spirit. There was a bit of warm weather over the weekend....enough warmth in fact if you discovered that perfect spot for the lawn chair.... in the lee.... you could actually feel the warmth of the sun radiating on your face. The chickens.... now let out from their coop discovered a dry patch of earth and immediately went to work bathing and preening. Such sounds of delight and happiness could be heard. There are certain sounds that chickens make that are unique.... for instance....they do purr with delight while bathing in the dirt.... make a deep throaty sound upon a discovery of a worm.... insect or rodent.... a sound that others in the flock will stop what they are doing.... take notice and attempt to snatch this treasure away.... there is the triumphant sound of a prized laid egg and of course the warning cackle of impending danger. Chickens are a great source of entertainment and enjoyment.... this enjoyment will carry me through till I can get my hands in the warm dark soil of the garden....oh... and that snow blower my husband put away for the season....fueling her up as I type....Happy Spring everyone!