Monday, January 4, 2010


Good Monday afternoon... Oh, what a difference a day makes. The sun was shining, the snow melting. Speaking of melting one advantage to owning a home with a bowed roof, the snow (when melting) slides right off. Note to self: one disadvantage of owning a home with a bowed roof, snow slides right off unbeknown to person who was snow blowing close to the above mentioned house. I almost ended up looking like Clark Griswold, the character played by Chevy Chase in those annoying National Lampoon movies (okay I confess I do watch Christmas Vacation every year). After that was all said and done the "girls" did come out for a bit- well long enough to stretch their legs and breath in some good Maine air. As Mainers know the weather can change in an instant and with that said it was back to the coop we go.
Later in that morning I brought a treat of corn bread, Sweet Willa was on the nest and the remainder of the girls on the floor. Now I have to say I have no idea what they had been up to in there, but the feeder was off its line, the wing nut lost, and their water jug tipped over. I gather even chickens can experience "cabin fever."

Willa aren't you finished yet? Willa has a great evil eye, scram Georgia- find another box!
No frozen combs or wattles, bright clear eyes,
clean feathers and vents, okay too much info. everyone appears quite healthy.
However, there could possibly be a mental health issue.
I swore as I was heading out the door for the night I heard Henny say, "if you only knew what goes on in here..." What happens in the hen house stays in the hen house. With that, good night.