Monday, August 17, 2009


I love old houses, there is a certain feeling you experience when walking through. I love the creaking sound of the old wide pine floors- the bubbles in the panes of the old glass windows- and if you're fortunate, to learn the history of the house and it former owner's. This white washed saltbox with a simple white picket fence is just charming. I would plant cosmos, phlox, nasturtiums and roses in the front yard.
A Gambrel roofed cape shingled with pine shakes. An old fashioned rose climbing the front arbor.
I would love to have this style of fence enclosing my field's. I can imagine sheep dotting the scenery.
And this for my means of transportation. I would store plenty of apples and carrots in my larder.
And to enjoy the ability to sit and work in garden while the world passed by.