Saturday, April 11, 2009


One never knows what one might encounter deep in the woods. This is what my Dad and I stumbled on when surveying Wednesday morning. The truck appears to far gone to tell what the make is, until I spied this logo. A Chevy Deluxe. You have to wonder how and who left it behind all those many years ago.
A Muscle shell left behind by an Island Gull. Gulls forage for food along the shore, they drop a shell on the rocks till it cracks and the inner contents exposed to be eaten. Some of the grounds around my parents home. My Dad encompassed the yard with stone walls. Later in the spring fields of Daffodils and Jonquils will be making an appearance. If you are wondering if there is wild life here on the island, the answer is yes. Deer, raccoons, squirrels, rodents, fox and last year the one and only turkey made her appearance. All have made the journey from the mainland. We can't seem to figure out how the turkey made her journey, it's to far for a turkey to fly and no one claims to have brought one over. A mystery remains.
This is the home my brother and I grew up in. We are very fortunate to have both of our parents healthy and active. Many special memories were made here and continue to do so.The West end of the Island. Ponce's Landing. A small restaurant opens in the summer, the Post office is attached and is opened year round. The US mail comes daily to the island via Casco Bay Lines. The large white building is the main store on the island, but is only opened in the summer for groceries. Islanders are able to get gasoline here three times a week. Grocery shopping is done on the mainland and then shipped out by ferry. There is an elementary school on the island, grades six through twelve commute to the mainland via ferry and then bused. Islanders are a hardy stock!
This is the break water a place where lobster men moor their boats for safe keeping.

Time to leave the island behind and head back to my country home. Winslow Homer is patiently waiting for his supper!