Saturday, March 27, 2010


To aid in my mental health I decided to venture outdoors with the girls today hoping to make more progress in the task of uncovering my perennial beds. There is something about fresh air and warm dirt under your fingers that just makes "ya" feel good. My good intentions however, did not last long as it was just too "dang" cold, but the girls didn't seem to mind. I decided progress could be made indoors doing laundry. I really don't mind doing laundry, but my washers and dryer are in the "cellar" and one of the drawbacks of having the laundry in the cellar is the telephone always seems to ring every time I head down those stair. Today however, I clipped the phone to the back of my jeans. ( best tip I ever read from Martha Stewart is to own two washers). I continued about my day and completely forgot about the location of the phone. Laundry got completed, bed sheets got changed, dishwasher emptied. I was on a roll. I decided to keep progress moving and do a little baking. While working in the kitchen I enjoy background noise and lately it is to the sound of Sweet Henny Penny. Today however, she was out with her sisters so I turned on the television. Well low and behold a blast from the past, Little House On The Prairie. Okay, I admit it I had a thing for Charles Ingalls. I really was not paying much attention to the show, but did over hear Caroline informing Charles that she was pregnant. Later on I caught the words being said by Dr. Baker "Caroline you are not pregnant, but going through "the change". Oh my Lord, they actually did an episode with Caroline Ingalls going through "the change"? I couldn't believe what I was hearing, was this being aired just for my well being? Just then I became startled by the phone ringing, what did I do with the phone? I ran around the house looking- I knew it was close at hand but where? Okay, so I figured it out (doh!) when I sat down to indulge in a glass of milk and a Toll House Marble Square. I reminded myself if Caroline Ingalls can make it through this phase in her life why can't I? With that being said I am never bringing this subject up again. Nor am I going to clip the phone to my back side, it will just have to ring!